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Jan 02 2009 29 mins  
Claire Papin, journalist, media specialist and visionary from Loveland, Colorado, tells of the significance of these times of personal and planetary crisis and reveals miracles and manifestations by Mary. She sings the song given to her by Mother Mary, known as "Mary’s Lullaby" and reveals how Mary has guided her in her life and work.

Topics: Miraculous medal dream * Mother’s gift * The recording studio * Steve in the wheelchair * St. Catherine and the miraculous medal * Bubonic plague * Malibu deja vu * "Claire medal-seed" *Steve’s experience * Association of the miraculous medal (www.amm.org) * The moving flower and the Mary statue * The changeable glass heart * Early life and visions * Back to the heart * The heart’s intelligence and guidance * Your potential service project: being a miraculous medal planter