Working with Mother Mary and the Angels, Part 1 - Guest Suzanne Shaw

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Dec 18 2008 25 mins  
Suzanne Shaw of Danville, Indiana is a medical intuitive, a Marian visionary and an intuitive life-coach. Her experiences with Mary, Ascended Masters and angels began when she was four years old and continue today. Her early life was filled with loss, upheaval, illness, attack and trauma. Her relationship with Mary and the saints and Masters helped her to develop forgiveness, non-judgment, persistence and to let go of control. Her wisdom is a comfort and light to many.

Topics: Some Contemporary Marian Visionaries * An Urgent Message from Mother Mary * More Masters Join Mary to Help Suzanne * Awareness * Spiritual Life * How to Prepare for Times of Crisis * The New Madrid Fault Threat * Power Plants / Radiation.