I am sorry things suck. But suck it up. Personal problem posting

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Apr 24 2017 27 mins  
I am sorry things suck. But suck it up. Personal problem posting.

The Brand Messaging Podcast Wait What Really OK Episode 56 is hosted by Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman. Loren talks about those that talk too much about personal problems online. While sharing certain problems can be one thing, there are so many that are sharing way too many issues and hurting their online foot print. Not to mention, it just comes off like that Alexander and the horrible, terrible, very bad day… everyday!

Finding a happy medium between sharing a few thoughts, rants or issues and just making everyday a sob fest needs to happen. Otherwise that whole “Bye Felicia” experience is going to come out in full force with your existing contacts.

Then when you think about potential new customers or people connecting with you for the first time. Would you really want some one to see just how awful things are, how unfair people are, how nothing is working for you? And on that same note, how could that possibly make them want to work with you?

I am sorry things suck and I am not saying to present something that is picture perfect and false. But, having a little privacy and keeping the professional that much more professional will drive better results.

While I am sorry things suck, you can make them suck that much less by not coming off like a whiner, complainer or someone that is negative all the time.

Buck it up. Suck it up. And move on up.

I am sorry things suck. But suck it up. Personal problem posting is the title for episode 56.

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I am sorry things suck. But suck it up. Personal problem posting.