Gavin Newsom And State Democrats Are A Threat To California

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Sep 14 2018 19 mins  
Gavin Newsom and Gov. Brown have done so much damage to the State of California. Brown just signed a law to let Felons in Jail vote. Stupid as can be. Gavin Newsom wants to provide healthcare to illegal aliens. He endorces sancturary cities and state. The gas tax, which is now the highest in the nation, was pushed through by Brown and it is corrupt, they are already stealing from the fund to pay for other things, so the roads and highways go bankrupt. The problem is that Californians have lost their voice, they say nothing. But Californians have to #walkaway from the democratic socials corrupt policies that are hurting families and the state. Get involved before the state goes so corrupt that your life is in danger. #walkaway Remember to walk on Washington DC on October 27th woth the #walkaway organization. Let your voice be heard. Get involved and take back your state and country.