THE IMPORTANCE OF TRUTH-Re: Kavanaugh & Ford (2-Min)

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Oct 04 2018 4 mins  
The Bible is clear about false testimony and not telling the truth (to lie). I was once asked to "disprove hobbits". My response to was that the burden of proof lies on proving that hobbits existed in the first place. The same litmus test and principle exists with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh --- and you and I. The importance of such a violation of Dr. Ford is important-but so is justice and a fair hearing for Judge Kavanaugh. Imagine for just one moment that you were being tried based on the same principle that assumes hobbits exist-with no solid evidence. God's Word is clear that we are not to be any part of that. Tune it to today's (4-Minutes) Reason For Podcast to hear more!