EDWIN HILL - PDI-2018 Adventure #28

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Oct 23 2018 67 mins  
He hails from the state of Massachusetts, and spent most of his childhood obsessing over a children’s book mystery series called The Famous Five. He also read Agatha Christie and imagined visiting Narnia by way of C.S. Lewis’ magical wardrobe.His parents often took the family on adventurous camping trips across the U.S. and Canada and one of his fondest memories is reading The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie on a trip to visit Mount Rushmore. He also developed a love for suspense driven movies, a trait that seems to have been passed along to his protagonist, Hester Thursby. Today, Hester and the one who gives her voice, Edwin Hill, will take us on an adventure into a case of missing persons and a trail of murder.