Vote On November 6th From Your Heart And Not With Political Hate

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Oct 30 2018 20 mins  
I was shocked as I watched a clip from CNN where the discussion and claim went to a statement of hate. That Trump had radicalized more people then ISIS. How much hate can CNN promote by their hate for President Trump and the American people. They took two incidents where people were killed by a crazy killer that hated Jews and made it political. Instead of trying to bring a country together at a time of pain, they decided to go political. Not just CNN but other networks have done the same thing in promoting hate towards the President. On November 6, next week, we all have an important job to do- vote out hate. If you are on social media - block hate. If you are watching TV, block out hate. This election, use your common sense to vote for issues and people that help American and not point fingers and make it political. We have to change our nation, it is up to use to do better. Vote with common sense. Do not vote for a political party. No one should ever hold office that promotes hate and division. Take a careful look at your ballot, vote on the issues that affect your communities and vote for the people that will work for you - not working for a political party.

Put the politics to the side. Put the hate in the garbage. Put your heart in your vote and making the decision that helps your family, community and our nation. Hate has destroyed our civility and love for each other as Americans. You and I have the ability to stop it and get back to being real Americans. VOTE NOV 6 with your heart.