The Biggest Looser In This Election is John Cox of California

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Nov 07 2018 11 mins  
California was able this election to have Gaving Newsom (D) and John Cox (R) that ran this time. However, John Cox when he won the preliminary election, he disappeared. no one knew where he went to. He was driving around in this bus talking to small groups of people, per his Instagram account. No one in California knew who he was. The biggest problem his heart was not Californian, he came from Chicago or someplace like that. So this election Newsom received 59.4% and Cox got 40.6%. The question out there with California Republicans is, was he put in just to help the Democrats win. The other issue is that Republicans in California are not really Republicans, they seem to be more like Democrats. No one stands up for Californians, instead it is all about the Democratic party and not the people. Out of all of the issues this one issue of the Governership makes me boiling mad because the Republicans didn't even try. California is a failed state because no one with guts stands up, Travis Allen was the only one that fought hard. California is the worse liberal state ever and it will fail even more. However, the election is now over and we move forward and our fight is the policies, and that is wear our attacks should be.