How Does A Teachable Heart Lead To Rest?

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Feb 12 2019 22 mins  
Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:29, "The my yoke upon you, and LEARN from me, for aI am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for our souls" (Matthew 11:29). It's easy for us to imagine offloading our yoke upon Jesus and even easier to miss-interpret what Jesus means by our taking on His yoke. Jesus tells us that taking on His yoke starts and continues with we our LEARNING from Him. How do we do that? We read the Bible and pray to Jesus as a regular part of our diet. We find a church and fellow Christians as well-all within the context of LEARNING from Jesus. A great by-product of doing this is that we obtain REST in God. Why, because His yoke is easier than the earthly yokes that we wrap round our lives-hearts and minds in our life time. But, this must start with . . . A TEACHABLE HEART.