LYNDSAY FAYE - PDI-2019 Adventure #09

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Mar 15 2019 68 mins  
She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but moved to Manhattan in 2005 to audition for theatre work. That bold move led to a day job, waiting tables at a restaurant that would be leveled by bulldozers shortly after she took the job. With a fresh opening in her daily schedule, she began transferring her vivid imagination to the printed page. With more than a dozen novels and short-stories in print, she continues to weave tightly spun storylines that keep readers turning pages.Her latest work introduces an injured young woman, on the run from a New York City, prohibition era, liquor deal that went sideways. Destination… Portland, Oregon, and The Paragon Hotel. Today, we go back to the roaring 20’s with author, Lyndsay Faye.