AL GOUGH & MILES MILLAR - PDI-2019 Adventure #10

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Mar 29 2019 69 mins  
Today’s content requires Level 1, CIA Clearance, as mandated by Executive Order #05148. If you do not have Level 1, CIA Clearance, you are hereby notified that a temporary clearance has been established for you that will expire at the close of today’s Public Display of Imagination Adventure.Today’s discussion will examine ITEM 103-A, Dated: 16-November, 1961. CIA Special Agent Lana Wells has uncovered a Russian Film Canister, which was smuggled over the Berlin Wall during World War 2, at great cost. Today’s guests will take us behind the scenes, as we look at what can and can’t be revealed, regarding the contents of that canister. Please welcome the writing team of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar…