Derek Lewis - Switching the Mental Narrative

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Jun 17 2019 49 mins  
Who tells you if you're good enough?
Can your mental narrative be the deciding factor between success and failure?
Derek Lewis says it can!
Given he makes six figures a year doing what he loves, I'm inclined to believe him.
It also helps that Derek and I are good friends and he's been mentoring me as I press on in my professional journey. I should also mention that Derek has also bought me a crepe for a breakfast meeting! Hint, hint!
Beyond free food and talking about books, Derek and I dig into how mindsets and the mental narrative we tell ourselves has a huge impact on our career trajectories. We also get sidetracked with talking about publishing, our shared experiences with the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, and what it takes to be a certified ghostwriter.
Even if ghostwriting is not your field, Derek has a lot of value to offer to anyone who's decided to carve their own path.
Because when you decide that no one else will determine your worth, you'll discover you're good enough!