Part 1 - Norcal Shifter Karts and TrackMagic Owners Group BBQ and Interview with Damon Meek

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Jun 15 2019 14 mins  
Two groups gathered at the Blue Max Kart Club in Davis for a BBQ. The Norcal Shifter Kart Group and the TrackMagic Owners Group converged on the Norcal Karting facility to share stories, restoration projects, and good food from Gorilla BBQ out of Pacifica, pizza from BlueMax, Spicy Hot Chili from Bob Irikis.

We also caught up with Damon Meek from the golden times of the 80 Shifter scene. Damon was a factory supported driver for Rancho Cordova based, CTS Chassis, Cunningham Technical Services.

Damon shared a couple of memories from his favorite kart track in Norcal and the power of the 80cc Shifter Kart on a harder spec tire.