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Jun 19 2019 120 mins  
Today on @chosengenerationradio Dan Gainor @MediaResearchCenter @Newsbusters joins us to discuss media coverage of the launch of President Trump's 2020 re election campaign, AOC suas border detention like Concentration Camps Democrats defend??, Impeachment talk continues, Holder comments on Barr, Democrats appear to be runing for the hills on IG report and Durham investigation, Hope Hicks testimony and more media spin.

Christopher Arps Member Project 21 Leadership Counsel discusses a call for those wanting illegals to stay, to have to pay reimbursement for their costs, also a response to the call for reparations as being heard in the house today.

David Shestokas Constitutional Attorney a look at the implications coming out as discussion starts about the potential findings of the IG report and the Investigation by John Durham. What are the next steps for AG Barr? The recent revelations on the Clinton Email leaks and what those could lead to?

Tina Marie Griffin Counter Culture Mom discusses the Entertainment industry, Hollywood, TV and movies and the indoctrination of our children. Specifically the radical increase in the propagation of homosexuality and the transgender agenda.