Episode 614 - Instagram and FaceBook - Out Of Control

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Jun 27 2019 21 mins  
I posted a educational blog today on Instagram, they shut down my account because they said it didn't go along with their guidelines. My post was simple, "In business or in negotiating, never lie about numbers and facts. It will catch up with you". Now I challened their reason for not letting me post and shutting down the IG account. No resonse. It still remains shut down. Perhaps it is time for everyone to rethink how they are using these social media networks when they will not communicate as to why. Their reason was that postings that deal with drugs, guns, violence was not acceptable. The problem is that my posting had nothing to do with their rules. Perhaps Instagram and Facebook need to have mediation as to what can and can't be posted and the right way to communicate it. Questions - send me an email at: [email protected]