TRIBUTE To The Late Dr. Norman L. Geisler - 7:2:19, 5.44 PM

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Jul 02 2019 10 mins  
Yesterday-as of this recording, July 1, 2019, Dr. Norman L. Geisler, friend, brother in Christ, personal mentor and advisor went to be with the Lord-he changed his address to his heavenly home in heaven. Dr. Geisler had a massive impact on me personally and inspired me to start ReasonForTruth.Org. I cut an unrehearsed short podcast to honor my good friend. I love him and I miss him. But, I know that I will see him again in eternity-and that I am grateful for. Please tune in to hear a few words from my heart-a simple tribute to my dear friend and brother in Christ, the late Norman L. Geisler