Independence Is For All Nations From God-4th of July - 7:4:19, 8.21 AM

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Jul 04 2019 16 mins  
Faith and Freedom go hand in hand. King-Preacher Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes chapter 4 about government and privledged elitist oppression on the average citizen. We see this played out in Washington D.C., Taiwan, Russia, the Middle East and throughout the United States of America. Ecclesiastes 4:1 tells us "I saw the tears of the oppressed-and they have no comforter; power was on the side of their oppressors . . . (Ecclesiastes 4:1). Later in chapter 4, Preacher Solomon goes onto tell us, "Better a poor but wise youth than an old foolish king who no longer knows how to heed warnings" (Ecclesiastes 4:13). In the United States and elsewhere, we find activists, politicians and wealthy elitists who forgot where their independence comes from. I am confident that the United States, Iran, China and many other countries will be claimed or reclaimed with Christian ethic and values in time. In the interim, God's word reminds us that independence is given to all people to be free. This is essential to a healthy nation and a prerequisite for God's blessings. When we look at folks like Cortez out of New York proclaiming that we must abandon the law in effort to fulfill her view independence, we find mayhem and a violation of God's word and ways. When we find FBI director James Comey acting with situational ethics in leaking information and working against the President of the United States for his own personal/political reasons-thinking he is a hero, while breaking the law: we find independence and God's higher law being violated. When we look at Taiwan protests of the Chinese government taking away their independence, allowing China's government to extradite those who disagree with them politically, we find a violation of independence provided by God. Read Ecclesiastes chapter 4:13 for yourself and listen in to today's podcast -Independence is FROM God For All People.