PETER D. JOHNSTON - Weapons of Peace

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Jul 05 2019 64 mins  
He’s a negotiator, an advisor, a mediator and a speaker whose expertise is sought worldwide. He has worked with clients ranging from Wall Street bankers to United Nations Officials & political leaders to battered sales teams, cheated spouses and convicted felons.His groundbreaking results have been formally recognized by the United States government for their positive economic and social impact. He is a Harvard MBA, trained journalist, and former corporate and investment banker.His first book, “Negotiating with Giants” — which relays David vs Goliath negotiation stories from across time — was touted by CNN News as “What you need to know to get a good deal on just about anything.”His second book, a work of historic fiction titled “Weapons of Peace,” will provide the backdrop for today’s adventure. Please welcome Peter D. Johnston…