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Jul 17 2019 120 mins  
#MediaMadness #MediaBias @dangainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter The media have piled on to the battle between President Trump and the four freshman Congresswomen. NATO exposes US Nuclear Weapons locations throughout Europe. Matt Gaetz threatened and the FBI won't arrest. Tucker Carlson under fire again. Whoopi Goldberg losing it on the View. No outcry over antisemitism.

#TrumpNotRacist #SegregatedBlackGraduations #TrumpCelebratesAmerica Emery McClendon Project 21 Black Leadership Project and a Tea Party founder out of Fort Wayne Indiana joins Pastor Greg.

#JudicialTyranny #ReligiousLiberty David Shestokas Constitutional Sound Bites joins us to discuss the continued Judicial activism against President Trump and the attacks on Religious Liberty.

#HomosexualityExposed George Carneal Jr author of From Queer to Christ joins Pastor Greg for a very frank discussion about the homosexual lifestyle and how the movies, television and the media paint a very vanilla picture of what is a very sick and perverted and miserable life.