Upcoming Kart Events in Northern California - Week of July 29, 2019

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Jul 30 2019 15 mins  
Upcoming Kart Events in Northern California including:
Thur August 1 , BMKC Board meeting
Sun August 4 , BlueMax Kart Race #4
NorcalKarters.com to register
August 9-11, SuperKarts USA New Castle
August 11, Kinsmen Kart Club - Backwards - warm up for Gold Rush
August 17-18, Central California Kart Racing Association, Fresno Fairgrounds
I will be there, at least for practice
August 17-18, Sanzaru Rok Cup Sonoma
August 18, Prairie City Club Race
August 22-25, Vortex Rok Cup Amarillo
August 24-25, KPX Reno
August 26, MONDAY - NCK Thunderhill 3 Mile
August 31- Sept 1 - Gold Rush Dixon - Backwards
August 31- Sept FKC / CRC Cal Speed
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