Episode 639 - Remembering El Paso and Mental Health

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Aug 04 2019 20 mins  
Let us all remember El Paso in our prayers. Prayer trumps hate, shooting people is hate, hate is a mental health issue. All last week I did a 5 day series on mental health in the workplace, life and community. Every individual should know that it is ok to talk about how they are feeling, their current mental health process. There are always signs, and sometimes we choose to ignore them. The right approach is to listen and help. Even God, in the bible, has warned us about mental health. In fact God gave us over 20 verses on mental health. God knew that this world would have mental health issues. Even Buddha talks about mental health. Other writers of spiritual material have addressed mental health. We, as humans in this world, need to let everyone know it is ok to talk about mental health issue. Let's not take a shooting and make it political, but instead we need to talk about our mental health crisis in the United States. We have homeless running our streets that have mental health issues and drug problems, but we do nothing about it. The topic of menal health have to become a part of our conversation. If you would like to talk about mental health text my office at 818.252.5682 or send me an email to [email protected] www.lodge-co.com