Episode 652 - Political Tuesday - Free Stuff Is Very Expensive

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Aug 13 2019 30 mins  
Free stuff is a very expensive political belief. With every free item a politician wants to give away will cost every American trillions of dollars to pay for all this non-free stuff. A nation wanting to give away free stuff will fail very quickly because no one has the momentum to work, build companies, study hard for a paying profession. You have politicians who have really never worked out in the public sector and worked hard, they have been politicians where Americans have been paying for their salary and their free healthcare. They don't understand the worth of work. They certainly don't do it at their jobs in politics, they just push an agenda of free stuff and hate. That is their whole message to Americans. Think about this, we have over 700,000 kids homeless in America - but no politicians talk about our own children. We have mentally health challenged people living on the streets in our cities - no politician has a plan to help these people. They don't even want to talk about mental health issues in our nation, it does not fit into their political agenda. Political tuesday stinks, I hate talking about politics, but until we vote I will continue to do political tuesday. We need to have a communication on the words politicians use and how expensive their ideas are to Americans and the failure of their message. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com