This Economic System Can't Be Fixed: Millions to Lose Jobs in Recession

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Aug 16 2019 109 mins  
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Richard Wolff, a professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and founder of the organization Democracy at Work. Prof. Wolff’s latest book is Capitalism's Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown.

Fears are spreading around the world as a key recession indicator goes off in the United States and evidence of economic slowdown surfaces in other major global economies. The last economic crisis was an unusually long 11 years ago, raising fears that another major downturn is right around the corner.

Parts of New York City have changed through the decades of white flight, neglect, and gentrification, but the massively wealthy elites who live in the Manhattan penthouses remain a constant. Award-winning author and commentator Lewis Lapham satirized them in his original 1988 book “Money and Class in America,” newly updated, which we talk about with him today. Brian and John speak with Lewis Lapham, the founding Editor of “Lapham's Quarterly,” a quarterly publication about history and literature, the editor emeritus of “Harper's Magazine,” and an award-winning author of many books, including the newly updated “Money and Class in America.”

Friday is Loud & Clear’s weekly hour-long segment The Week in Review, about the week in politics, policy, and international affairs. Today Brian and John start by interviewing Bruce Gagnon about Trump’s bid for Arctic dominance in trying to buy Greenland, then they discuss with producers Walter and Nicole Israel’s bans and reversals on US Congresswomen’s visits, the signs of a coming recession, the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein atrocities, and the Hong Kong protests, and they wrap up the hour with Steve Patt’s headlines of the week. Brian and John are joined by Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Loud & Clear producers Nicole Roussell and Walter Smolarek, and independent journalist Steve Patt, whose mainstream media critiques have been a feature of his site Left I on the News.