2019 SpoCon- SuperHero Games- Good, Bad & The Ugly with Blunt Force Gamers

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Aug 21 2019 17 mins  
Hey GK Nation! We have a series of Podcasts taped from the recent AWESOME SpoCon in Spokane Washington. SpoCon is a Spokane local Science Fiction and Fantasy convention that raises money for local Spokane-area schools and their libraries. This is an live interview with the Game Goblin & Darth Blasphemous of the BLUNT FORCE GAMERS as they talk about the Good, the Bad and the Ugliness of superhero games. Will the Gr8 Gunny give in to Darth Blasphemous persuasion in this great battle of GAMING MINDS!!!! For More information on Blunt Force Gamers https://bfgamers.podbean.com & https://www.facebook.com/Bluntforcegamers/ - For More info on the 2019SpoCon: https://spocon.org