MIKE BOND - Goodbye Paris

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Aug 22 2019 68 mins  
He’s a best-selling novelist, war and human rights journalist, and environmental activist. He has covered guerrilla wars, death squads, and military dictatorships in Latin America and Africa, Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, and ivory poaching and other environmental battles in East Africa and Asia.The Washington Times called him, “one of the 21st century’s most exciting authors” His critically acclaimed novels take the reader into intense situations in the world’s most perilous places, into wars, revolutions, dangerous love affairs, and political and corporate conspiracies. Kirkus Reviews said that his novels “make readers sweat with [their] relentless pace.”He speaks multiple languages, has climbed and trekked over 50,000 miles on every continent from the Antarctic to Siberia, and is at home in some of the most primitive and dangerous places on the planet. Author Mike Bond takes us on today’s adventure, as we peel open the pages of his latest release, GOODBYE PARIS…