Episode 657 - We Don't Need China

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Aug 24 2019 20 mins  
Trump is doing the right actions towards China. China has been a sneaky player for a very long time and something had to be done. What my trouble with Trump is his attack on the Federal Reserve Chairman, wrong place to attack. The economy is doing well at the moment, let's keep the interest rates where they are. If our economy slides we will need those remaining interest rates to bring down to boost the economy. Leave them where they are at. Trillions of foreign investment dollars are flowing into our country because they see us as safe. Trump, focus on China, not on the Federal Reserve. Thise talking and hoping for a recession are idiots. We have a strong economy and Americans want that. But the left never wants what Americans want. We have an economy that is strongest in all the world. We will do fine under the current economic policies. Send me your questions or comments by texting 818.252.5682 WWW.LODGE-CO.COM