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Aug 29 2019 120 mins  
#IGReport #JamesComey (Ret) Lt Col Allen West Discusses the IGReport and James Comeys response. Also discusses his decision to run for State Chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

#RainForestTruth Bonner Cohen National Center for Policy Research discusses the fires in the Amazon Rain Forest. What is the effect of the current fire situation? Is this the worst we have ever seen? Should we be concerned about the policies of the Brazilian Government and its impact on the Rain Forest?

#InvestmentGradeGold Dr Tom Barrett discusses the volatility of the stock market and how Investment Grade Gold can protect you. www.chosengold.com

#DeepState Bart Marcois professional Diplomat who served in four administrations takes us through how the deep state is working against President Trump and We the People of the united States of America.