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Sep 04 2019 121 mins  
#MediaMadness Dan Gainor @newsbusters @theMRC discusses the media's continued bias against President Trump. Coverage of Dorian , China, Iran, withdrawal from Afghanistan. FOX suspends Judge Jeanine Pirro. Boris Johnson under attack from British Parliament.

#DebraMessing Project 21 member Donna Jackson discusses the tweets by Debra Messing in support of calling Black supporters of Donald Trump degrading names. Pastor posted derogatory comments about any black Americans supporting President Trump along with some very racist comments about black people who attend a church that is not all black.

#Constitution #SecondAmendment David Shestokas our constitutional expert discusses some current cases being considered by the SCOTUS regarding guns and civil rights.

#TwitterWar Pastor Greg discusses the hostility that exists on all social media platforms towards supporters of the President, the Country and Jesus Christ.