Eepisode 663 - Leadership and Conflict

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Sep 05 2019 14 mins  
There is conflict and disputes within companies all the time. Leadership can cause conflict. Employees do not know the goals of the leader, no communication from the leader to his team, and not following through. Employees begin to wonder if the leader is really a leader. Managers, supervisors, senior executives, all have a role to work with their employees or teams. There is often points of directions that come under dispute on projects. A third party mediator needs to be brought into the conflict so it is confidential and the team and leader get back on track. Just by being heard, confidentially, the team can get back on the right road. Mediation works and should be utilized by human resources when conflict and disputes arise. If you have a question, or need a mediator, send me a text to 818.252.5682 or send me an email at