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Sep 05 2019 121 mins  
#FreeMarketHealthcare Dr Larry Fedewa has a plan to deliver healthcare for all in a competitive free market strategy that puts the patient first and reduces the role of Insurance companies and the Government.

#LoyalandDisloyalJews Daniel Greenfield Sultan Knish has written the stories of several Jewish people victimized by terrorists in Israel that are from the same Palestinian people that claim to be so badly treated. A friendly young man stabbed to death. A father and his two children blown up by a bomb on a running trail.

#BeatingInflation Dr Tom Barrett delivers strategies to show you how you can win in an inflationary market. www.chosengold.com

#BuildTheWall Marianne Mendoza Angel Mom and Spokesperson for We Build The Wall joins us to discuss the current situation at the border and what We Build the Wall are doing down there.