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Nov 04 2018 16 mins  
This week we get to sit down with the Minneapolis PJ Library coordinator Carrie Fink. Carrie is in the midst of planning the upcoming 10th Birthday celebration of the PJ Library program in Minneapolis, where they will celebrate the 100,000th book that has gone out in the community here. And we have a slight correction to something we discussed: We learned about after recording this week, but the 100,000 books is about triple the height of the IDS Center in Minneapolis. Carrie also tells us about some of the other fun family programming that PJ Library is putting on this fall and winter, so keep an eye on TC Jewfolk to see how you can get involved. But until then, enjoy this week's show with Carrie Fink. https://tcjewfolk.com/event/pj-library-minneapolis-10th-birthday-party/https://tcjewfolk.com/event/pj-library-hanukkah-donut-celebration/https://tcjewfolk.com/event/pj-library-bet-shalom-havdalah/https://tcjewfolk.com/event/traveling-havdalah-2-beth-el-pj-library-and-camp-ramah/