Nicole Rabinowitz

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Jul 15 2018 19 mins  
Nicole Rabinowitz did what so many from the Twin Cities did after high school – move away for college. But after more than a decade away, she's back and working as the kitchen director for Jewish Housing and Programs, more commonly known as J-HAP. It's an interesting proposition because there's no kitchen – yet – at J-HAP; there will be soon. Also, she acknowledges that she has no kitchen skills to speak of. That's ok, because she isn't needed to cook. She is putting together a fantastic program that will not only provide a café for residents to eat at, it will give local food entrepreneurs a kitchen space to rent to produce their product. We talk about the first business to come on board, what's it's like to be back home after more than a decade away, and more, in this week's Who The Folk?! Podcast.