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Sep 16 2019 120 mins  
#DefendingKavanaugh Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Pastor Greg to discuss the new attack against Justice Kavanaugh. The progressive left beliefs that everything is subjective therefore it can all be changed to fit their objectives. Elections, morality, SCOTUS and the Constitution can all be manipulated to be what they want them to be.

#OpenBorders Mark Saunders Film Maker Author Producer/Director His latest is Open Borders three young peoples adventure in an America that has no borders and no real laws,

#Guns&God Larry Ward fresh of the first ever gather at the capitol and celebrate God and our Second Amendment. This past Saturday was a day to gather at your capitol and celbrate God and Guns and the right to protect yourself.

#TheTrumpProphecy Rick Eldridge CEO Producer at Reelworks Studios Produced the movie The Trump Prophecies about a fire fighter named Mark Taylor who had a dream that Donald Tump would be President. He had the dream in 2011. This launched a 2016 prayer vigil for Donald Trump and the blowing of shofars on election day.