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Sep 18 2019 81 mins  
#MediaLies Matt Philbin Managing Editor MRC Culture discusses Kavanaugh, NY Times, Media Silence, Sean Spicer, Corey Lewndowski, President Trump, Ilhan Omar, The Squad, Joe Biden and more.

#TheRevolt Emery McClendon Conservative Black Activist discusses the dust up between TI and Candace Owens, the liberal bias in general among the entertainers, the effect of illegal immigrants on the black community and the attacks by liberal blacks and liberals against COnsrvative Blacks and free speech.

#ConstitutionDay David Shestokas our Constitutional Expert discusses September 17, 1787 and the ratification of the Constitution. We also discuss the Democrats efforts to Impeach Justice Kavanaugh.

#Iran #Benghazi Cynthia Farahat Fellow at the Middle East Forum discusses the truth about Benghazi and the Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia and the US involvement.