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Sep 20 2019 123 mins  
#911DHS #CDB #McCabeCoup Dan Perkins Author, Columnist, Radio and TV Personality joins Pastor Greg to discuss the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security met on 9-9-19 and in their discussions about 9-11 eighteen years later made no mention of Jihadist Terrorists but rather focused on Climate Change and White Nationalist Supremists. McCabe is being charged by US Attorney Jessie Liu. Dan is launching a show about the benefits of CDB oil.

#ChosenGold #101010 Dr Tom Barrett joins us to discuss investment strategies and what is the 10-10-10 approach and how does it build wealth. Be sure to join www.chosengold.com for valuable free Gold investment strategies and an invitation to the Monday night webinars.

#Kavanaugh Ryan Lovelace author and Washington DC investigative legal reporter for American Law Review and ALM Media discusses his book Search and Destroy: Inside the Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh. How was Kavanaugh targeted? What sets this apart from Clarence Thomas? How far back was the strategy against Kavanaugh put into motion? Did we ever really hear the truth from Kavanaugh's Accusers? What might the consequences be for this ambush?