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Sep 30 2019 120 mins  
#Biden #RussiaGate Richard Manning Americans for Limited for Government discusses the involvement of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in Ukraine and how Biden's over sight of Ukraine during Obama's Presidency makes him the center of the storm.

#KavanaughInsults Corine Gatti-Santillo Mom on The Right and Investigative reporter on LifeZette. We discuss what is behind the latest attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

#UkranianScam Dr Jerome Corsi Silent No More and Coup D Etat discusses the parallels between the tactics being used on the Ukranian attack versus what was used in the Russian Hoax.

#IllegalImmigration Megan Barth ReaganBabe.com joins us to discuss the continued efforts by sanctuary cities and the left to create open borders and the way in which these actions are destroying our country.