New Pathway To Healing: An Interview With Shawn M. Cohen

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Mar 13 2014 60 mins  
Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. with a “cawl”, or a psychic destiny, Shawn M. Cohen, BSc. Metaphysics, L.V.N., has been working for 31 years in Metaphysics, as a Psychic, Medium, Master Tarot Reader, Past Life Regressionist, Teacher of Metaphysics, Astrologer, Higher Consciousness and all things Esoteric. Author of “The Tarot, The Tarot Workbook”.

Her “cawling” has taken her to 5 continents including her home for the past 29 years, London, England in the U.K. Cited in many local and international magazines and newspapers over 31 years, she also hosted her own web radio show called, “The Psychic Café” in 1999-2001, was asked to write her own column for Chat Magazine answering readers letters about all things psychic called, “The Psychic Postbag” in 1987. Guests regularly on many Blog Talk Radio shows, bringing her uncanny psychic/medium ability and deeply moving insights, reading live online and bringing through loved ones and pets from the Spirit World. She blogs the Spiritual Journey: “Shelter From The Storm” at:

Poet, artist and single parent to her 17 year old daughter, Autumn, and her 3 year old tabby Romeo.

Shawn is available for private readings on Skype from anywhere in the world, Past Life Regression Therapy in her home in London and schedules Metaphysics, Tarot, Astrology classes yearly. See her website: