Thor's Journey To The Land Of The Giants

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Oct 07 2019 28 mins  
Hi, we are going to start off with a story from the Norse mythology and join Thor on his journey to the land of the giants, where he gains insight about his own strength as well as the secret of work itself.
While preparing for this story I got to learn some interesting facts about the culture and I thought I’ll share them as well.
The religion of the Vikings, known as Asatru is the fastest-growing religion in Iceland. Here is a link to an article that shares some more interesting facts about this growing faith -

Thor and Loki have become very popular thanks to the awesome marvel universe. But there are also some misconceptions about the original Norse mythology, for example in Norse Mythology Thor Loki aren’t brothers, the Aesir Gods and the Giants aren’t different species and so on, I’ve included links to two videos by Dr. Jackson Crawford, who’s an author as well as an instructor on Nordic Studies, the first video is about common misconceptions and the second is about how to pronounce some of these names the proper Nordic way. If you would like to know more please do check out the links.
5 Misconceptions about Norse Mythology
How to pronounce the names of Norse Gods

Thank you for listening and I’ll see you again with another story.