Episode 692 - Anxiety, Depression, Trauma Can Lead To DEBT

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Oct 27 2019 18 mins  
The average American uses over 1/3rd of his or her budget to pay down debt (2019 study from Northwestern Mutual). 15% or higher of people believe they will be paying off debt for the rest of their life. Experts say a significant amount of debt is explained by a money disorder - anxiety, depression, or trauma. Think about your disorder if you are in debt. On average each household with a credit card has $8,284 in credit card debt. ou, the consumer, consumer debt is at $13.51 trillion, that includes mortgages, auto loans, credit card and student loan debt. You have option, think about the next time you pull out your credit card - do you have a spending disorder? If you have comments or need help, text me at - 818.252.5982 www.lodge-co.com Produced by Michael Lodge