How to improve engagement in your workplace? | Health and business alignment strategy

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Nov 01 2019 9 mins  
Employers are now realising that the surest route to driving engagement is to invest in their employees, with a growing awareness from the C-suite that investment in workplace wellness can be the key to turning disengaged, disinterested employees into productive, focused brand champions committed to their organisation. LAMBERT seeks out and embraces what drives a business, and aligns employee health with bottom-line performance.

Imagine being in a different country, unable to speak the local language - yet you feel pressurised to deliver a programme that you have been employed to do. You are alone, you feel vulnerable, but you must get results - otherwise you will be returning home on the next flight home having failed. How do you even start to engage?

We believe in the need to continually articulate, promote, and refine the value proposition(s) for worksite health that are applicable to specific organisation’s and their unique business needs. Given the alarming chronic disease trends throughout the world LAMBERT has set out to investigate and learn from organisation’s that have successfully developed and implemented global strategies for health promotion and optimum wellness.

Beyond our specialisation in corporate wellness, we continuously demonstrate an unwavering passion and belief in the role that wellbeing plays in modern society. We have an innate ability to spark large-scale change within organisations; becoming a catalyst for companies and individuals to understand their symbiotic relationship between each other and the environment in which they live and work.

Focusing on Value On Investment (VOI), more so than ROI

On a global level, employers now understand the need to offer wellness programmes with their employees in mind, but LAMBERT does not deploy wellness programmes as a cost control tactic for fear of missing the much greater potential benefit of improving organisational performance. We approach health promotion differently, and as such educate employers on how to be truly dedicated to creating a healthy, high-performing workforce rather than just being bent on cost control.

Our global methodology focuses on reducing employee absence and presenteeism, boosting workforce morale and engagement, and in certain workplaces improving workplace safety.

At LAMBERT we created an employee health management initiative that was effective and easy to manage, an initiative that marked a transition towards a more strategic and comprehensive wellness programme. Our health management initiative is designed to help employees and their families become aware of their health status, by providing tools to maintain and improve their health, and educate them on how to be engaged consumers of health care.