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Nov 01 2019 3 mins  
Let LAMBERT assist your company reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover costs.
A lot of our focus with our wellness programs is on indirect costs to Workplaces just like yours.
• High rates of absenteeism... presenteeism and ...turnover costs.
Associated losses to a company are: up to two-thirds greater than direct medical expenditures.

Our work-life coaching programs -educate employers on how to be truly dedicated to creating a healthier high-performing workforce.

Associated benefits to a company are...reduced rates of absenteeism... presenteeism and ...turnover costs.

Similarly, productivity is high and the need for medical costs remains low.

In summary:
The tools and resources that we offer are important now more than ever, as medical costs escalate exponentially -and its these ‘indirect costs’ that LAMBERT focuses on.

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