How to overcome management concerns, about starting a wellness program?

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Nov 04 2019 4 mins  
Pre-empting Management Concerns

There are often common concerns from management, regarding the implementation of a wellness program -so we need to address these areas before continuing. “All content shared with you today is purely for the program to be effective enough for long-term success”

If the process of program implementation is followed to the letter, it is very likely to be satisfactory to all participants. However, the key point is having a supportive management - and if this structure is in place and works -so will the program.

So, how do you plan for better participation rates/and interest with your wellness program?

Firstly, you must create solutions for every single employees’ needs, therefore the process should be designed and customised to your organisation as a whole.

Secondly, ensure that a budget is consistently available and set aside/readily available for your wellness program. But WHY is this?

As you may or may not be aware, hhealthcare costs continue to explode out of control, as does worker compensation costs, etc etc. BUT Health IS wealth, so no budget should be restricted in this area……..

Another important point: Your organisation can start testing the program without much cost at all, by implementing certain parts of it first.

So start thinking about: bridging the gap between both the business needs and the needs of each individual employee -this is the key to success.

It is also important to note that the cost of doing nothing is more expensive, and if a wellness program has previously been half-heartedly implemented -then such organisations always pay the price for such acts of cutting corners.