In Pursuit of Sex: 5 Guy’s Journeys in Discovering Their Sexuality_ Episode 04

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Nov 08 2019 37 mins  
In this episode Leslie talks to 5 men ages 39-67 (many husbands of the women in Episodes 1 and 2) about how they learned about, discovered and explored their sexuality in their childhoods, on into their young adult years and how it has shaped them as men and parents.

In American culture, only approximately 25% of men report having any formal sex education. Nevertheless, you will hear about the pursuit and active attempts, these guys, like many, have lived through to become sexual and sexually smart. Real, intimate, honest and at times humorous conversation.

Listen, enjoy, relate, consider your own sexual journey & become Better, Smarter and Sexier!

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The Guys:

David Avrin - David is a business consultant, author and professional speaker. When he’s not traveling the world working with clients, he is a back yard-bar-be-cueing, jeep driving, recent newly-wedded father of 3 and step-father of 2.

David Keita (Producer Dave) - David owns and runs D Kieta Media, a small, yet effective, podcasting production company. His years in the radio business helped make him an ideal person to start this business. David has always been a producer, writer, and entertainer. He loves telling stories, and jokes, and keeping his friends and family entertained. David lives in Centennial, CO with his beautiful wife and two children. If you'd like to contact him please do so at

Doug Gustafson – Doug is a personal development, leadership coach and licensed therapist of 40 years. He has a wonderful life with his amazing wife, 2 incredibly talented boys and 4 very special grandchildren. He is truly blessed!

Jason Miller - Jason is a dedicated father of three teen/ tween-agers and husband to his wife of over 21 years, Jamie. He was a Navy SEAL officer early in his career, with deployments to Kosovo and the Middle East. He now works in private security, where he makes his clients feel safe through executive protection, physical security consulting, training, and a variety of other security services. He's been a Christ follower all of his adult life and is passionate about self-improvement and meets regularly with other men to hold each other accountable in being better husbands and fathers.

Byron Wheeler – Byron is a father of 2 and husband of 16 years to his High School sweetheart. He owns a chain of restaurants in the Denver, Colorado area and is a self-proclaimed “King of Business and Jester in Sex.”