Episode 702 - Political Tuesday, California Gov. Newsom Says Capitalism Is To Blame For The Fires

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Nov 05 2019 24 mins  
California is in trouble. It has the worse dangerous Govenor ever in the history of the state. Newsom says that the reason there is so many fires is because of capitalism. Which means he doesn't want any jobs coming to California because capitalism is evil. So with this thought process the Govenor is chasing out the tax base of people and businesses. Newsom wants to take over the electrical grids of California by taking over PG&E. How stupid is that? The State can't even repair their roads, infrastructure, and everything else that supports and protects the people of California. Politicians are making it harder for businesses to stay in California, so they pick up and move - look at Nissan, Toyota, Nessle, and other companies that have moved out to friendly states. I left California in July 2019, I could no longer aford to live in the state I was born in. Capitalism does not cause fires. Stupid politicans do. If you have any comments text me at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com