How to promote participation in your corporate wellness program? | Participation equals success

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Nov 05 2019 3 mins  
9 important things to do to promote participation in your corporate wellness program.

For it to work, your wellness program needs to promote participation well, so here are a few ways in which you can do this:

• All meetings should address the wellness program, and announce updates

• All new-joiners should be provided Information during their orientation

• There should be a regular distribution of fliers

• Bulletin boards should always contain content on the wellness program

• Employees should be mailed letters….and newsletter articles too

• Incentive and/or reward programs should be promoted to entice participation

• Recognition of ALL achievements should be made public – important

• Discounts should be agreed with Health insurance companies

• Your organisation should connect with local communities in any number of ways i.e. local fitness providers, home-grown food suppliers (farms etc), sports teams etc and

• You could even sponsor employees and local events, using this as a springboard to advertise your companies name