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Nov 07 2019 5 mins  
What does your physical environment look like?
Analysis of your physical environment -
In short your company culture needs to show the following: You need to show that you are providing ‘up to date information’ about physical activity, and sending out active messages to your workforce? So Let us know -What exercise / P.A messages and information you are supplying to your workforce? For e.g. are you providing prompts to promote physical activity near stairwells or elevators etc? Are you planning to provide or support physical activities (competitive and non-competitive), that help develop the skills needed to participate in physical activities? Similarly, how you are encouraging physically active behaviours? for example: Discouraging watching TV on breaks and/or discouraging sitting for long periods of time. Let us know how you are providing your workforce with adequate breaks DURING working hours, AND encouraging them to be active during those breaks? If not, will you allow employees to be able to use physical activity facilities outside of work hours? AND IF THIS IS THE CASE what incentives are you offering, for engaging in physical activity (e.g., merchandise, coupons or cash)? Will you offer incentive-based programs to encourage activity (e.g., pedometer walking campaigns) etc? Instead of having sit-down meetings, how is your company allowing for walk and-talk meetings to encourage such physical activity? IMPORTANT -
What do you provide by way of ‘flexible scheduling’, so your whole workforce/employees can make time for exercise? If you provide an on-site exercise facility, what does it include i.e. classes such as aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, etc? If so, do you provide on-site childcare coverage to facilitate physical activity participation? If not, are you planning to support local fitness centres and provide free, discounted or subsidised memberships to your employees? Or similarly will you offer them company-sponsored fitness programs or clubs? What effort you are making to map out ‘on-site’ or ‘nearby walking trails?’ And how are you encouraging employees to map their own biking or walking routes to and from work i.e. by way of support are you going to provide bike racks in safe and convenient locations, and/or are you providing showers or changing facilities for them?