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Nov 08 2019 3 mins  
Do you do HIIT for fitness, health or just quicker results? | LAMBERT ON: Your fitness journey

The basic structure of HIIT – short periods of high intensity exercise alternating with usually longer but still brief periods of lower intensity exercise.
HIIT has been a common component of exercise regimens for many generations. It is designed to:

· improve fitness and

· performance.

The format of HIIT can vary considerably – flexible

Certain research has concluded that HIIT improves the following:
Insulin sensitivity
blood pressure, and
body composition

These improvements are equivalent to the improvements provided by moderate-intensity continuous training.
Inactivity – Low intensity – mod – High

Current capabilities prior to starting
Injuries -more warm-up required v Time Barriers towards PA
Risk of injury is directly related to size of the physiologic overload i.e. the increase in volume or intensity - similarly the rates of MSK injuries are likely to be higher c/w lower intensities
Safety – combo of poor technique at speed
The duration/intensity of bouts of high intensity periods
The duration/intensity of periods of recovery periods
Similarly, the number of cycles can vary.
Device-measured physical activity, with fit-bits-apple-watches etc
The importance of the principles of physical activity:
Type and

The health benefits of light intensity physical activity will be good for the majority
Similarly, very short episodes of Med intensity PA for those gym-goers 2-3x pw..
The best plans -PA or ex are the ones that people CAN and WILL continue to do over the long-term.
When and for whom HIIT is appropriate remains to be determined.
the HIIT population is small and selective, but there is a high level of interest