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Nov 08 2019 3 mins  
Do you have a training personality?

Vanessa M. Kercher, Ph.D., SSC, M.Ed., BESS, Sep 16, 2019 wrote a great paper on this called -What’s your training personality? i summarise this in this podcast.

She summarised how experience and exercise beliefs can all influence training styles, by looking at the September-October 2019 issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal where Patrick Freeman described the six different training styles.

I personally recognise some of these styles in my own sessions – do you?
What happens when goals and needs require addressing:

Injury occurs?

You stop progressing?

Ready for change?

Keep your training style in an ideal state by focusing on these four key areas when working with clients.

1. Goals - Creating a framework that fits your goals – realistic? Achievable? current ability, potential capability. Likes, Dislikes – comfort zone
2. Safety - Do you take safety of your sessions into consideration? – ability level
3. Training IQ: Are you training at or above your level? Maintaining your current level -ISQ - consistency in your – comfort-zone? trg preparing for something? Competitive in nature?
4. Satisfaction- What is going to keep you on track - belief? Do you trust in your goals, aspirations? PT-nutritionist -wt loss coach etc. Do you need external support?