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Nov 13 2019 120 mins  
#MediaMadness #NoFakeNews Dan Gainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter joins to discuss the medias continued bias. Nicki Haley and Doug Wead have new books about President Trump and the media is cherry picking Haley and ignoring Wead, while touting a book by an anonymous author to come out next month. Whistleblower whose name everyone seems to know but the press won't discuss him. Schiff's hearings and the lack of rules that would make this a true impeachment proceeding with the President having the opportunity to defend himself. Atkinson made out to be another victim of Trump when he was involved with the original FISA Warrant.

#Israel Phil Haney updates us on the attacks on Israel and where they are coming from. Why are the alerts here in the US as well? How serious is the Israeli issue.

#DACA David Shestokas our Constitutional Attorney has a report on the DACA SCOTUS hearing of yesterday. Also, weighing in on the Impeachment hearings of today.

#YouTube Jeremy Johnston a lawyer and professional YouTube content creator shares how the government is moving to infringe on content providers in a way that threatens family friendly viewing and would put more kids at risk.