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Nov 18 2019 120 mins  
#ResistanceExposed Rick Manning joins Pastor Greg to discuss the incessant efforts to remove President Trump since day one. AG William Barr has boldly made those same statements in a speech before the Federalists and the #NeverTrumpers and the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party are about to explode. Many of their attorney friends are calling for impeachment and for him to be disbarred,

#BorderCrisis Congressman Chip Roy CD21 Texas joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Border Crisis, Impeachment and the Budget. Other topics that the Congressman need to add will be added at show time.

#BrennanBurismaSnowden Former CIA Station Chief Scott Uehlinger explains how Brennan manipulated foreign agents to spy on Americans. Burisma was apparently used to sell ISIS oil to Turkey to fund them. Brennan planted Snowden to steal NSA technology to then run off the books espionage against the incoming President and his staff. State Department was heavily involved in all the coup activity.

@StopSexSlaveTrafficking Deanna Lynn Spangler Sex Slave Trafficking Survivor joins us to discuss the issue and what can be done to help stop it.